Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Promoting Your Business Using Social Media

Many of you 'met' me on my Bella Casa - Decorating on a Budget blog. And I am so glad that you have joined the other 5 people to read what I am up to over here at bella casa news ;)

I notice that many of my blogging friends have etsy shops or other online shops, but are only advertising them on their main blog. There are so many other outlets to get the word out about what you are selling, such as:

  • Twitter - a social media avenue to help promote your blog and business in 140 characters or less. I love twitter, you have real time conversations with people all over the world, you may even make a few friends, too. You can follow me here.

  • Entrecard - a place to meet other bloggers by visiting their sites and 'dropping' your card on their site. There are many etsy folks on Entrecard, so it is probably a great place to network with other creative minds. Actually, if I were selling something, I would make up a brand new blog just for my shop and then use that blog for EntreCard & all business inquiries. You can find me here and Bella Casa here.

  • Project Wonderful - this is a way for you to advertise for pennies on other people's blogs. If you set up an ad on your site, you can also make money from ads being placed on your blog. The most used ads are the 125 x 125 size. My Bella Casa ad was designed by Kim at JA Blog Graphics for $5. This was a really great price and you can use it on all of your sites to promote your business, truly a bargain price!

Well, these are just a few ideas that I have. I am sure there are even more things that you can do to promote your business on the web. Facebook and MySpace also come to mind as well as any Message Boards that you participate on, etc.

How do you promote your business on the web (and elsewhere)?


MySweetThree said...

All Really, really great tips! I use twitter....although...Not Nearly enough..I go days without "twitting"...And I use Entrecard...although, not a lot either. It takes a lot of time to drop cards..and most of the time, I feel like I need to read, comment, then drop the card...so, it takes a long time for me...I am still trying to figure out what more I should do...but I just moved across country, so everything has been a bit of a struggle right now...
(Sorry for the loong comment...)!!


Amy from Texas said...

Great tips! Twitter is a really powerful tool. I just started a Twitter account for my business and have already gotten asked to do a few estimates for new jobs. I'm also sending my overflow work to other designers I met through Twitter.

Don't forget about adding your site in search engines, Stumble and all those mommy social group forums like Twittermoms. There is really a never ending amount of advertising to be done.

Pam Hawk said...

Great post. I'm just getting started with Facebook and am excited about what it can do for me. Loved your other post about how to network blogs on FB.

I've also got my blog on sites like BlogCatalog, My Blog Log, Fuel My Blog, etc. When I visit a new blog, I see what little chicklets they have at the bottom and visit those sites to see if that would be another good place to promote my own blog. BlogCatalog has given me a nice increase in traffic on one of my blogs.

I love Project Wonderful and did a blog post a while back on how to use Flickr to design an ad. You can check it out at http://www.pamhawk.com/2008/08/six-steps-to-designing-project.html

Pam Hawk said...

Oh. I forgot. When I upload a new picture to Flickr, I include tags and blog it. I include a very brief description with a link to the blog post ("...for more info, visit my blog at...")

Next, I post the picture to groups I belong to. (Or I join a new group that I can share it with.)

This gives me not only something to blog about but a lot of traffic to the blog post.

Handmade Housewife... said...

Way to go girl! I had no idea you were doing this blog...evidently I live under a rock :) Great tips and I have been looking for an enexpensive designer to do an add for me. THANKS!!!