Friday, January 23, 2009

The Next Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival is January 26-30!

The next Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival is January 26-30!

What is a Bloggy Giveaway Carnival?

First off, it is a website that giveaways that are happening all around Blog Land.

But more importantly, this is your opportunity as a Blogger to attract new readers & retain current ones, by holding a fun giveaway on your blog! It would not be unheard of to have 300+ entries for your giveaway during a Bloggy Carnival!

So, what do you do? Well, first off, you need a giveaway. It can be anything, really, use your imagination! Just remember that you also will be shipping your prize, so if this is a hassle for you, you might want to offer an gift certificate or something online like that.

What else should you do?

  • Make sure to post (or repost) some of your best work this weekend, you want your blog to shine when all of these new visitors come to see your blog.

  • Have your Subscription Options for your blog placed prominently on your blog. Do you have an email subscription option for your blog? If not, go to Feedburner to set one up, it's so easy to do! And yes, people do still use email for blog subscriptions! I know I do!

  • For comment entries, consider asking your readers to tell you what post of yours was their favorite, that way, they are digging deeper into your blog, getting to know you better.

  • Or how about asking them to tell you a joke. Believe me, after reading a couple of hundred entries, you will be wishing you had some funny material to read!

  • Offer extra entries to people who subscribe to your blog, or post about your giveaway on their blog, or for 'tweeting' about your giveaway on twitter. You are on twitter, right?

  • And most of all, have fun with it!!!

Starting Monday, you can go to the Bloggy Carnival page and enter your blog giveaway link to their Mr. Linky. By doing so, you agree to have their Bloggy Carnival button on your giveaway post, that links back to their Carnival page. You can read all about it here.

Make sure to come back on Monday for my giveaway here on bella casa news.

I will also be hosting an Etsy Blog Party all next week on Bella Casa Decorating on a Budget (Darnit!). There will be several awesome giveaways on that blog from some very talented people...and if you have an Etsy Shop, make sure to stop by and add your link to the party!

See you then!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Good pointers on joining the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival. I always think people don't take advantage of it the way they should, seeing as how we're visiting their blogs for the first time and know nothing about them. That's your chance to capture their attention and make them want to come back even if you aren't offering freebies next time. I always try to tell them who I am and what my blog's about--there will be a lot of new readers that day!

Mary said...

Thanks for the tips, Bella. I've never done a Bloggy Giveaway Carnival before, though I've seen the buttons. I think I'll play. I'm sure I've got something I can give away. I'll be on the lookout for your giveaways, too!

Steve Morozumi said...

great info! thanks for your post! these giveaways sound like a blast! what's your favorite or most fun item that you've given away?

i'll talk to the fluxlife crew and see what they say. we might do some giveaways!

all our best,

Steve @ fluxlife
on behalf of the fluxlife crew

see ya 'round the blogoshpere! :D

Shelia said...

Morning, Bella! Oh, that is so nice you are telling us about the giveaways. thanks for coming to visit me today.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Bella Casa said...

Thanks, good points, Julia! I will need to check out your post on Monday, I have a hard time introducing myself and blog...I seem to just jump right in!

Bella Casa said...

Cool, Mary, if you need any help, just ask me! I will check out your giveaway, too :)

Bella Casa said...

Hi Steve,

If you want a 'popular' giveaway, do a giftcard or something like that.

But I like the 'fun' giveaways, too, the ones that reflect your personality and would probably be attractive to your blog's readers, too.

Since you like to have fun on your blog, you might want to ask your readers to tell you a joke or write a caption for a picture...and the funniest one wins. Those are fun ways to do the giveaways.

Good Luck!

Tia said...

Thank you for the heads up and the great pointers! I had 2 giveaways lined up and I was not sure when to do them! Now I know it will be this week! Rock on Bella!

Bella Casa said...

Awesome, Tia!

Just a head's up...I clicked on your profile and it does not show up. There are going to be a TON of giveaways in Blogland next week and if you enter any Blogspot ones, you better leave your email address in your comment or there will be no way to contact you if you win.