Monday, March 16, 2009

26% Off at + Free Shipping + $5

This looks like a pretty good deal.

You get 15% off at with coupon code: ENTSHOE15 (expires 12/31/09)

You also get Free Shipping , even on returns, which is awesome!

They also accept PayPal and for payment, which is great for those who don't have (or no longer want to use) a credit card.

Then, if you have an Ebates account and link through them to, you will get 11% cash back with them.

If you do not have an Ebates account, just sign up and you will automatically earn $5 just for registering with, that's 26% off of your shoe purchase, plus an additional $5!

I have been using Ebates for a few years now and have already earned over $100, just for linking through their website for my online purchases. I love Ebates!

OK, I'm going shopping now, I hope they have UGG boots...

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