Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Better World Books - 20% Off All Used Books on Earth Day - Free Shipping, too

Shop online at Better World Books today, Earth Day 2009 and receive 20% off all Used Books with coupon code: EARTHDAY09

And as always, shipping is FREE when you select the Eco-Shipping option.

Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Free Coffee at Starbucks on Earth Day 2009 (Canada & possibly USA, too)

This offer is for Starbucks in Canada, however, I have read on the Net that some people are getting free coffee (all week!) at their US, you might want to call ahead and see if your local Starbucks if participating. Hopefully it is!

Remember, too, that today is Tuesday so that means free coffee at McDonald's!

Bring a travel mug into your neighborhood Starbucks this Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, 2009 and we’ll fill it with complimentary freshly brewed Pike Place Roast. We’ll also take 10 cents off your drink every time you use your travel mug.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to Advertise for Pennies a Day with Project Wonderful

Project Wonderful is a really innovative way to advertise on blogs and websites for literally pennies a day.

The concept of Project Wonderful is pretty simple. You bid for ad space on available blogs and websites. If your bid is the highest, than your ad will be placed on that site, until it is outbid or expires.

It is a great way to advertise and get exposure for your website, blog, Etsy Shop or any kind of business that you operate at a very low cost.

Here's how to get started with Project Wonderful:

  • $5 Gets You Started at Project Wonderful First - You will need to register your business with Project Wonderful. Once you sign up, you will be directed to PayPal, where you will have to deposit $5 to get started.

  • Next, you will need to have an Ad box for your business. The most popular size is 125 x 125. (You can see my 125 x 125 ad box in my sidebar, as well as the ad box for my other blog, Bella Casa - Decorating on a Budget. If you already have an ad, you can just adjust the size with photo editing software or you can download the Pix Resizer program. If you need to make an ad box or have one made professionally for about $10, visit Blogging With Success.

  • Place your bid - Now that your account is set up and you have an ad box, it is time to place bids on blogs and websites. Try to find sites that would have demographics that are similar to your business. After you bid, you will know if you are the high bidder or not either right away or after the site's owner has approved your bid. Don't be discouraged if your bid did not win, it may still end up in the top spot if the other bid expires before your bid does. Or, you can rebid at a higher amount to see what happens.

  • Monitor your stats at Project Wonderful - Monitor your stats at the Project Wonderful website. They have a very user friendly system and best of all, no false clicks will be registered, either, so you know that every click on your business site is unique. If you find an ad is not working for you, you can cancel the bid at any time and try a new site to bid on. Or if you find a site that you think is a very good fit for your advertising business, you can add them as a "Friend."

Advertising for pennies a day with Project Wonderful may be just the right fit for your blog or business. Give them a try.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Make a Really Good Cup of Coffee on a Budget

I don't know about you, but I have to have my coffee in the morning. And it has to taste really good, too. And even though our family is on a tighter budget than ever before, I am still, thankfully, able to have a great cup of joe every morning!

Here's how:

I'm very picky about my coffee. No weak beans or burnt tasting java for me. I like it smooth and hot with just a touch of flavor to it. The perfect coffee at a great price are both, the Folgers Flavored Coffee...

...and the Maxwell House Flavored Coffees. I like French Vanilla the best, for both brands.

Stock Up When The Coffee is Half Off!

The original price of both of these coffees is approximately $4.99 at all of my area grocery stores. But every 4-6 weeks, one brand is on sale for HALF PRICE at Meijer Grocery Store. So, whenever I see that it is on sale, I buy about 5-6 containers of it to stock up. This way, I usually have enough on hand to last until the next sale. Meijer is located in the Midwest, but I am sure that if they have this sale, that other stores in other parts of the country must run this sale, too. So, keep a look out for it.

I take cream in my coffee, but to save on that, I buy the NJoy Cream in bulk from Costco. It's actually a pretty good creamer. I recommend it.

Coffee-mate Flavored Cream At Christmas time, I do like to indulge in the flavored creamers from Coffee-mate. I really liked their Tiramisu flavor of all things! They usually are on sale around all big holidays and you can usually find a coupon in your local paper for more savings. The hard part? Weaning myself off of the flavored creamers after the holidays are over!

So, this is how I have a great cup of coffee on a budget. I hope some of these tips help you, too! Life is too short for weak or burnt coffee, I say!